• Sleeps up to 4

  • Vehicle capable of towing 4000 lbs

  • 18 ft long

The OPUS Off-Road features an upgraded, all-terrain chassis with off-road ready tires and independent coil suspension, perfectly suited to follow you wherever you want to go.

  • Days Off-Site Capability: 4
  • Seconds AIR Tent Inflation: 90
  • Person Sleeping Capacity: 4

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OP2 Specifications

Dimensions 2-Sleeper
Colors Available: Orange, Blue, Matte Black, Metallic Gray
Dimensions (Lid Closed): 16′ 2” (including spare wheel) x 6′ 8 ” x 5′ 1”
Dimension (Lid Open): 18′ 4” x 6′ 8” x 11′ 6”
Ground Clearance: 12.4′
Chasis Construction: Shocks/coil springs, no axle, lock’n’roll hitch (fits 2’’ hitch receiver)
Ride Height: 5′ 1″
Bed Size: 6’1” x 4’
Trailer Dry Weight: 2777lbs
Tongue Weight: 242lbs
GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating): 3970lbs
Load Capacity: 1000lbs
Power Supply: 12v & 120v

Aluminum Dibond Walls

The external and internal walls of the OPUS® are constructed from Aluminium Dibond. This consists of two aluminum panels, separated by a Polyethylene core; providing a strong and lightweight outer shell.

Polystyrene Insulation

A 20mm thick sheet of Polystyrene sits between the internal and external Aluminium Dibond walls to provide insulation to the OPUS® trailer.

Water Proofed 10-ply Floor

The floor of the OPUS® is built using 10-ply sheeting, with a water proofed layer to the bottom and a dark-wood veneer to the top. This is then topped and sealed with industrial strength vinyl flooring.

Powder-coated Aluminum Frame

The frame of the OPUS® is constructed using specially cast and welded aluminium. This helps keep the OPUS® light and easy to tow and move, while ensuring maximum strength. The Aluminium is then finished with a high quality powder-coat to ensure longevity.

Water Tight Finned Seals

When the OPUS® lids are closed and clamped down they are sealed tight with water tight finned rubber seals for ultimate protection from water ingress.

Pressurized Gas Springs

Highly pressurized gas springs are fitted to the lids to ensure that the OPUS® is easy set up, with just one person being needed to unfold the trailer lids.

High Strength Bonding

Panels, frames and flooring are secured using a combination of screws, aluminium rivets and high strength bonding agent before being sealed with silicone.

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